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Since Hydromatic discontinued the 12577-000-1, duplex control board thousands of Q-Panel owners have been left without a replacement for the duplex control board.

We have redesigned and improved on the board and are happy to announce the availability of our new 12577-000-1ES retrofit duplex control board.

12577-000-1 Retrofit Control Board

Our new board accepts all of the existing connectors and fits in the same spot as the old board and mounts with the same screws.

The lead pump selector switch (LPSS) is now standard and incorporated into the replaceable 8-pin alternator (that comes with the board). This used to be a $160.00 (list) option.

Once the board is mounted and wired there is nothing to go wrong except the alternator and those are available for around $75.00 from many suppliers (we will always have the best pricing).

The entire assembly is warranted against manufacturing defects for one year.

The Time Delay Lag Pump (TDLP) and Pump Fail (PF) options are not supported and were seldom used. We can advise work arounds for these features with the new board.

In most cases the bracket for the lights and switches must be moved down a couple of inches to make room for the alternator. This is accomplished in a couple minutes with two self-tapping screws (not included).

You can download the installation instructions here.

Please contact us with questions.

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